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Golden Gate Bridge Minimalism

Barbed Wire Kisses, Jesus and Mary Chain memories

In NYC the roses bloom in June, in California they are still blooming by the side of the road in July

Vineyards, Yards of Wires….

Schug Wine

Barrel of Laughs (sorry) wine

Wine tasting at Schug, yummy  yum yums

Red Flight at The Girl and the Fig with burgers

White Flight at The Girl and the Fig with scallops

Tasting refreshing Tangerine beer in wine country, what a pleasant Summer surprise

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By Morgan on 07.20.12 7:29 am

Beautifully delicious! Think you can bring back some of those scallops?

By Pamela Russell on 07.20.12 11:36 am

Love these!! Amazing, Beautiful, Delightful & Delectable! Thanks, Seze, for sharing!

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