Chelsea Hotel – part 2
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Chelsea Hotel – part 1
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more Miro
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miro dreaming
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Miro dreaming of Chapterhouse


Our new kitten!
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kiss them for me
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Happy New Year!
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Merry Catmas!
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Time to get cozy!
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Oh I absolutely love this article Why I adore the night, by Jeanette Winterson in The Guardian UK. I couldn’t agree more! The colder months are a perfect time to stay in and become more introspective.

A Sunset photo I took in magical Lake Tahoe last year.

Basket Cases
Team Cozy in full effect!


So good!
Love to cuddle up with a good book.

Stereo cat
…along with the puuurfect soundtrack.

Museo de Arte Moderno
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Museo de Arte Moderno is situated in the middle of the large Chapultepec Park.  I wish all museums were surrounded by this many beautiful trees!  The museum is quite small but I saw two excellent exhibits  by female artists there.

The first was a show of paintings by Spanish-Mexican surrealist painter and anarchist Remedios Varo.  I immediately felt an affinity to her magic realist compositions.  Each image was composed perfectly, each representing it’s own dream world.






Remedios Varo with gato

momaMX11painting with a mother of pearl face


The second show I saw was the “Open Process” exhibit, a partial anthology of the work of Marianna Dellekamp (born in 1968).

She is a multidisciplinary artist who employs a variety of mediums in her exploration of the conception and use of images. The exhibition Open Process shows a review of the work of Marianna Dellekamp, an artist who has experienced in exploring disciplines in various media, design and image applications. Throughout her career she has used photography to other research tools, including accumulating, reorder and meanings to different materials. Her work is directed in part to the practice field, where she establishes dialogues and perspectives with the image: the actual image taken from everyday life, confronted image with text or appropriation of objects as an image. Another interesting aspect lies in the concept of accumulation, an important principle for the development of her projects. In the 1990s works emerge arising from facts related images, actions and objects that surround her life: from body fluids microscopic shots to scenes or elements from the environment and that have meaning in the analysis of the social fabric.







gorgeous chandelier in the entrance







Spooks the studio cat
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It’s my birthday!
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Pastel Heaven
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“Animal Attraction” Bette Franke by Jeff Bark for Dazed & Confused
April 2012

Cat Show, 1927
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Washington cat show opens at Wardman Park Hotel – Edna B. Doughty and Louisa Grogen with some of the beautiful cats entered in the show, 1927
Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington

20 Cats As Fonts
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I absolutely love 20 Cats As Fonts. Click here to see the rest.

Flowers of Evil
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Mario Laboccetta’s illustration for Charles Baudelaire’s Fleurs du Mal/ Flowers of Evil (1933)

She Likes Weeds!
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She Likes Weeds by Tee Set
Check out the silly video

There’s a longnosed dirty old witch Witchipoo
She speaks a magic word called Shackabadoo
The smell of thousand herbs is hanging ’round the house where she lives in
It’s built on magic ground
There’s an all kind coloured smoke raising up among her stirring red brass magic pot
Her chimney means a lot to her for her coloured boiling brew holding snake tails but just a few
She likes weeds, they’re easy to grow
They are easy to grow, easy to grow in the morning dew
She likes weeds, they’re easy to grow
And they always are there, everywhere when she needs a few

But she also keeps a cat or seven and a miles far hearing screaming raven
A magic stick, a flying broom are just a few things that she keeps in her room
She likes weeds, they’re easy to grow
They are easy to grow, easy to grow in the morning dew
She likes weeds, they’re easy to grow
And they always are there, everywhere when she needs a few…

Photos by Alexandra Valenti

Cat and Girl
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By Trixis

Kiss & Tell Podcast 08 – I Put a Spell on You
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Recorded on Halloween by Seze.
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Phadra – Honeydewed Autumn
Kate Bush – Night Scented Stock
Alela Diane – Something’s Gone
Siouxie & The Banshees – Lunar Camel
Danielle Dax – Pariah
Ana Da Silva – Full Moon
Coil – Windowpane
Lene Lovich – The Wicked Witch
Orphans – Teenage Jesus & The Jerks
Hammerheads – Danielle Dax
Aphex Twin – Logon Rock Witch
Otto von Schirach – Zombie Halloween
Siouxie & The Banshees – Christine
Broadcast – Black Cat
Austra – Spellwork
Telepathe – Spellwork
Nouvelle Vague – The Killing Moon
Nina Simone – I Put A Spell On You
Lydia Lunch – Spooky
Ministry – Everyday Is Halloween