Merry Christmas
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cat eyes
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My friend Sebastian Quezada passed away a few hours ago today. Jabe Bloom just posted this photo, it is from when we were all at Bard College. We really went to the most magical school ever, I am so lucky to have experienced it will all these amazing creative (and crazy) people. At Bard Collage, Sebastian hosted some of the very first dance parties I ever went to. It was at these parties, that I met my best friend Abigail Feldman. Abigail was too busy humping speakers to notice me at the Old Gym techno parties. I eventually got her attention, in the darkroom where we were intellectually nurtured and spoiled with amazing teachers and tools and fancy view cameras. Abigail and I are still sisters in life and photography. The last time I saw Sebastian was at The Bunker, he came just to see me, and we reminisced about the good ol’ days. Rest in peace Sebastian. I hope your little girl will grow up smart and strong, even without you.

Marcellus Pittman
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Marcellus Pittman FACT mix 201

Scott Grooves – ?
Larry Heard – Washing Machine
KC Flight- Planet E(loop)
Marcellus Pittman – Loneliness Leave Me Alone
An-2 – Lazy Sun
Louie Vega ft. Arnold Jarvis – Life Goes On
Daniel Wang – Like Some Dream I Can’t Stop Dreaming
Chez & Trent – KMS054
Marcellus Pittman – Razz 09
ESG – Moody
John Consemulder ft. Lex Express (Piranhahead remix)
Marshall Jefferson- Step By Step (Ron Trent remix)
Lil Louis – ?
Theo Parrish – Space Station

lady cats
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