Cameo Culture
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Press photos for Cameo Culture

dave-001 dave-003 dave-004 dave-019 dave-022 dave-053 dave-063 dave-072 dave-076_1 dave-082 dave-120_1 dave-123 dave-140 dave-153

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Photoshoot to help promote the release of The Casual Mystic EP by Ulysses on The Bunker NY records.












Hot off the press!
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We just picked up our newly pressed records from Brooklynphono. The first release is by our longtime friend Leisure Muffin. You can stream it and order it here on The Bunker New York Bandcamp page. It was exciting to see our records being pressed right before our very eyes! I felt like I was in Charlie and the Chocolate factory. I am very proud of Bryan and all the hard work that went into making the first release.

bkphono-07bkphono-05 bkphono-08bkphono-03bkphono-19 bkphono-09bkphono-11 bkphono-13 bkphono-26 bkphono-29bkphono-32 bkphono-34bkphono-24 bkphono-35 bkphono-43bkphono-39 bkphono-44 bkphono-49 bkphono-51 bkphono-52 bkphono-57

Derek Plaslaiko
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Xeno & Oaklander
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Xeno & Oaklander at 285 Kent Avenue
Thursday November 14, 2013
Photo by Seze

Happy Halloween!
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MODA Mexico City part 2
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Museo del Objeto del Objeto, Mexico City


cool retro portable radio

MODA Mexico City part 1
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Museo del Objeto del Objeto, Mexico City

Fred P
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It was a huge pleasure to spend time with Fred P. AKA Black Jazz Consortium in my photo studio. Here is a sneak peek from our shoot. More photos to come…



All images by Seze Devres, 2013

Safety Scissors
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I had a blast taking photos with my friend and very talented musician Safety Scissors. We had six costume changes, a few dranks, and a whole barrel of laughs.

He has a new record coming out on Bpitch Control called In A Manner Of Sleeping. You can preview it here on















Arthur Kimskii
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all photos by Seze Devres, 2013

Mutek 2012
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Heading to Montréal for Mutek every year is always very inspirational and fun! Here are some vacation snapshots.

Jeff Mills

Jeff Mills

Jeff Mills

St. James Church exterior

St. James Church interior

St. James Church interior

Old Fashioned Camera Shop


Alex Smoke

Public Lover

Public Lover

Alex Smoke & Bryan

Palais des congrès de Montréal

Palais des congrès de Montréal

I love the new steps at SAT, light peaks through the glass circles

Fresh dumplings being made in Chinatown!

After a decadent Syrian food meal with Peter Van Hoesen and friends

Frank Tovey
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Frank Tovey (September 8, 1956 – April 3, 2002)

…your handsome voice, stunning darkly pop music, you unique feather bird, you are surely missed!

Bee Mask mix
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Monday afternoon space out with Bee Mask… listen to this special mix on mnml ssgs.

Performing on Friday at No Way Back.

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The ladies of Kiss & Tell like to listen to records

Peter Christopherson tribute mixes
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I love this dark and beautiful Peter Christopherson tribute mix by Surgeon. It is available to download from his site here.

My friend Tony Lee, also a huge Coil fan, posted a two part mix on his Xiled Radio site here.

In 2007 I curated an exhibition on psychedelic art, named in honor of the Coil record Love’s Secret Domain. The show is archived on this site:

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Category: music

Nice article on one of my favorite producers Shackleton in Resident Advisor.

Photo of Shackleton playing live, by Seze Devres from Unsound Festival in Poland October 2011

Dark Was The Night all day today
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Dark Was The Night

I finally got around to listening to my copy of the beautiful and haunting compilation Dark Was The Night.  Maybe I was waiting for just the right day to really appreciate it.  Buy your copy today, and all the revenue goes to AIDS charities.

Detroit 2009: Day 3.5
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Sunday night was the only night we had a “night off” from throwing parties at Oslo. Bryan was booked to open the all night acid house party No Way Back produced by Interdimensional Transmissions.  I was wonderful to meet our lovely party hosts Brendan (from Ectomorph) and Amber.  All night (and morning ) we were blessed with awesome tunes from Spinoza, Derek, Plaslaiko, BMG, I.B.M., Mike Servito, Chuck Hampton, Carlos Souffront, Patrick Russell, and Traxx.  Yet, the best part was hanging out in the lounge at the early morning hours with a my silly wasted Detroit/Brooklyn tachno family.

We were the first people to arrive and I took this photo of Derek Plaslaiko while they were setting up.

Bryan/Spinoza opening up No Way Back

My dear friends and insanely creative lovebirds Michael and Bethany (Dethlab)

pretty boy mohawk

Matt Abbott and “In Surf We Trust” sunglasses

Luckily I passed on the 9am cheap champagne…

All photos by Seze Devres

Detroit 2009: Day 2
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On Saturday we ran into Clark Warner and his wife Liz Copeland at breakfast.  I finally met their adorable baby. A few hours later radio goddess and new mother Liz Copeland opened up the festival with a really lovely set of what she defines as baby listening music.  Melodies from Air and Brian Eno and other ethereal treasures consumed our ears, as ravers of all ages started to show up for the first day of the festival.  Other highlights of my day were killer sets from Nikola Baytala and Steve Bug.

Clark Warner and his baby in protective ear gear or maybe he is listening to death metal?

an adorable Lolita raver

more candy ravers

At night we threw the Detroit version of House n Home (my flyer).  I finally had a chance to meet the lovely DJ Cassy.  Here is the fist shot I took of her.  She was all smiles during her amazing set. I wish more DJs smiled when I photographed them.

Photos by Seze Devres