3 Years!
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God Save the Queen by Nouvelle Vague
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Real Talking Dogs
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Géraldine Georges
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Queen for a Day photos by Serge Guerand
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clip art animation
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787 Cliparts by Oliver Laric
Bey meets her puppy Magic!
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this is so lovely it might make you cry with happiness

Goodbye Bettie Page
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Bettie Page, Queen of Pinups, Dies at 85

Our beautiful pinup queen has passed away.  Photographer Unknown.

Life Magazine Image Search
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This is pretty cool:LIFE photo archive hosted by Google

The Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall
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My dear friend Zoh invited me to see The Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall.  Her costume shop she worked on the fancy crystal costumes for the final skit.  It was a such a treat to have a ridiculously festive date with her.

All photos by Seze Devres

more kitty love
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oh my this is perfect