The sticky science of relationships…
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Super smart and sexy shows like Coupling (BBC UK) and Tell Me You Love Me (HBO) have a lot to say about relationships between men and women. The two are not to be missed.

Siouxsie Sioux
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Ah, the beautiful queen of darkness and light continues to re-invent herself and returns! Siouxsie, punk rock goddess, icon, and amazing artist is aging gracefully. I can’t wait to see her perform.

Cushway Litho. Art by Victor Moscoso. 22″x30″

The pencil draws pixels
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Artist and 3D animator, Robert Hodgin’s beautiful images.

Thanks to Grant for this link.

and now it is time for some Tear Garden
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(ah their music keeps my soul warm)
Tear Garden – Romulus And Venus

everything you gave me lies within a trunk, within a drawer
I burned one hundred photographs or more
I fled across the ocean wioth another face, another name
Nothing but my soul remained the same
But still you came with cases I was forced to let you stay
You bought the locks, the box in which I lay

I tried to get away from you
I tried to make a break
You always see right through me, there’s no escape

I can still remember you with coronets, white horses
I would run behind you’d flash a sign I’d dive
Just to serve you
Night time’s turned the lady to a girl again, you’d slip away
You tried to kiss my tears away, pretend there was no day to take me down

Nightshade, blades, Niagra falls – I tried them all six times
You would always run behind me
And you’d find me
Keep me on a leash, on a line
I’m uncomfortably resigned
There’s no release till you untie me
Deny me

Heroin is lame.
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I can’t understand why anyone still thinks that this drug is cool. I got the memo that this drug was one to stay away from before I even was a teenager. I remember walking around the east village in the late 80s and early 90s, when people were openly shooting up on the sidewalk. Honestly I don’t see the appeal. It was ruined so many lives and killed so many beautiful and talented people (like my good friend Pandora). Maybe more people need to watch some of these movies again, fast forward to the horrific scenes to get the point assholes.

Here are some of my favorite Films about Drug Addiction:

Requiem For A Dream

Drugstore Cowboy

Sid and Nancy

Easy Rider

Naked Lunch


Basketball Diaries


Naked Covers!
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Someone was nice enough to compile this list of the best record covers with boobies and other naked treats.

Thanks for the link Bryan.
look here

Here are some of my favs, but it was really hard to pick.