Ziegfeld Girls – The Dolly Sisters
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Sentimental Journey
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I made a very sappy mix called “Sentimental Journey” for my dear friend Jane Lerner’s CD club. There are 12 members in the CD Club and each person is designated a specific month to make a mix, create a cover, and mail it to the 11 others across the country. My month was February, of course I got it off on the very last day, which leap year made it the 29th. I wanted to share it digitally. So feel free to download it and have a listen. Here are some photos of the hand painted covers.

Ziegfeld Girl Beth Beri
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Beth Beri as Marie Antoinette

Night Moves
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Night Moves – Trans Dance – 1981

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Meditaion Music by Pulse Emitter
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This is currently my favorite ambient music. It is now available for free download from his site. Enjoy!


PULSE EMITTER, meditative music series