she’s homeless
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Category: sculpture

Laura Ford, Rag and Bone, 2007
bronze, edn 5,122 x 146 x 75 cm
courtesy the artist and Houldsworth London

Laura Ford, Rag and Bone with Bin, 2007
bronze, edition of 3, 123 x 100 x 65 cm
courtesy the artist and Houldsworth London

Laura Ford, Hedgehog in Blankets 2007
bronze, edition of 6, 17.5 x 41.5 x 27.3 cm
courtesy the artist and Houldsworth, London

Spiritualized perform at the Apollo Harlem, NYC November 16, 2007
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Category: concerts |music

blurry photo by me, from the balcony.

I was lucky enough to see Spiritualized perform. Their songs brought tears to my eyes, must have been his voice, a reminder of endless adolescent listens to Spacemen 3.

You must all see Into the Wild
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Category: Photography

Fabian Marcaccio’s dark world
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Fabian Marcaccio, Loop (draftant), 2007
multiple drafting materials, pigmented inks on sintra, water pump
28 x 24 inches

Artwork by: Fabian Marcaccio
Global Zombie (draftant), 2007
Multiple drafting materials and pigmented ink on sintra
28 x 24 in./ 71 x 61 cm
Courtesy BravinLee programs, New York

Paper constructions of a very real world…
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Thomas Demand, Embassy IV.a, 2007
303 Gallery, New York, 2007

Little Children (2006)
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Category: Photography

I loved this film and it stuck to me like a great book.

This is not a photograph
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Category: music |painting

Frank Bauer just might be my new favorite painter.

Frank Bauer, Audience (Daft Punk), oil on canvas, 2007, 170 x 250 cm
Courtesy Galerie Voss Düsseldorf

High art titties!
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Category: drawing |painting


Me 497 Girl” (2004) by Martin Eder (1968, 28.2 by 22.2cm, watercolour and coloured pencil on paper