Spooks the studio cat
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The Bunker: An oral history
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Michaelangelo Matos‘ article is finally up on The Resident Advisor site, commemorating ten years of The Bunker’s history. I have been involved in The Bunker for over seven years now, photo documenting most of the events, hosting the party, welcoming artists in our home, and taking care of the flyer design until recently. Needless to say it has been a huge part of my life and also an immense creative outlet.

The Bunker Best of 2006 photos

The Bunker best of 2007 photos

The Bunker best of 2008 photos

The Bunker best of 2009 photos

Betty & Brian
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Betty and Brian at their Korean Wedding, photo by Seze Devres

Sentimental Journey
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I made a very sappy mix called “Sentimental Journey” for my dear friend Jane Lerner’s CD club. There are 12 members in the CD Club and each person is designated a specific month to make a mix, create a cover, and mail it to the 11 others across the country. My month was February, of course I got it off on the very last day, which leap year made it the 29th. I wanted to share it digitally. So feel free to download it and have a listen. Here are some photos of the hand painted covers.

Mike Servito
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Photographs by Seze Devres, 2012

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Photo by Seze, Summer 2010

forest flowers
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Photo by Seze, Summer 2010

White Dove
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photo by Seze, April 2011

Brooklyn Snow Day
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I just went for a walk in the first real snow of the season.

photos by Seze

Lyricalinear 2008
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I added a few images from 2008 to my site www.seze.net

Seze Devres, sz08-0506b from Lyricalinear 2008, Digial C Print, 16×20

Seze Devres, sz08-0506d from Lyricalinear 2008, Digial C Print, 16×20

Seze Devres, sz08-0506e from Lyricalinear 2008, Digial C Print, 16×20

My Kiss & Tell Nerd Portraits
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view gallery

my Communikey Festival Photos (Boulder, Colorado)
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Bryan and I were invited to Colorado to play and document the Communikey Festival. I had a fabulous time catching up with old friends, visiting a gorgeous part of the country, eating yummy food, and hearing really good music.

Friday night at B-Side
with David Day, Ejival, Spinoza, Nordic Soul

Saturday night after hours Dirtybird Showcase

with Christian Martin and J. Phlip

Saturday Communikids workshop

Sunday in the Park with Communikids

Communikey Festival Site

All Tomorrow’s Parties New York September 19-21, 2008
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I just found my ATP photos so I wanted to post them even though the concert was weeks ago.  Sorry better late than never!  Bryan and I mostly go to techno parties and performance so it was a nice breath of fresh air to leave the city, barely know anyone in the crowd, and hear some classic guitar bands from our youth. Plus we convinced my parents to buy tickets and come to the festival too. The All Tomorrow’s Parties festival was great but it did not compare to the first time I saw My Bloody Valentine perform when I was 15, and at the time it was one of the loudest shows I have ever been to. Spectrum’s set was the highlight for me.

All photos by Seze.

My parents at the cafe, they actually were having a great time.

Sunday line up

Spectrum performing an amazing set

Bryan listening in pink light, he is wearing his Neu shirt from high school

My Bloody Valentine

creepy “Flowers in the Attic” painting in the lobby of the country club

Kutshers Country Club in Monticello, New York

Kutshers Country Club in Monticello, New York

www.sdphotography.net updated
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I updated the portraiture section on my site today.

ARTWALK NY, Benefiting Coalition for the Homeless
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For the past few years I have been donating my workto ARTWALK NY, Benefiting Coalition for the Homeless.  Here is my print for this year’s auction:

Seze Devres, from the Lyrical Linear Series, 2006 (sz06-1202c)

Benefiting Coalition for the HomelessMonday, November 3, 2008
Cocktail Party + Live and Silent Auctions
Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 West 18th Street
6:30 Silent Auction Begins | 8:00 Live Auction

Tickets are $200 and $500
For tickets and event info call 212.776.2056

More than 140 works of contemporary art will be auctioned in silent and live auctions.
Opening bids range from $250 to $10,000+.
Absentee bids will be accepted.

All funds raised support the work of the Coalition for the Homeless.

www.sdphotography.net updated
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I updated the Graphic Design sections on my site www.sdphotography.net. I got this plastic skeleton from a man selling junk on the beach in Antalya, Turkey.  He practically told me his whole life story, and I pretty much bought everything he had to sell because I felt so bad for him. I thought it would be a fun image to use for Halloween, since it is the season of  both mortality and fun.

www.sdphotography.net site updated
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I finally finished updating my photo and design site www.sdphotography.net. I started the re-design in March so you can understand just why happy I am to have completed it today. Most of my time was spent editing through old and new photography work and compiling all the design work I have done in the past few years. On average, I shoot about 300 photos a week so editing was pretty intense. I used to keep all my freelance work private, I was almost embarrassed to be a fine artist that was making a living though web and graphic design. Art school taught us to avoid commercialism. Ideally, I would like to be best known for my abstract cameraless work, but that is only a tiny part of my entire creative being. Now everything is all so integrated into my life and I don’t feel the need to keep it all so segregated when I present myself to the internet universe. The parties, my personal aesthetics that play a role in how I design, the images I take on a daily basis (some for work and some for pleasure), flyers, cooking, even this blog, they all are a part of my creative entity. They are not a product of a daily job I hate doing for people I can’t stand. I also made this site so my mom can stop wondering “what do you do all day?” So take a look and enjoy in this intricate web of work and play, that I have woven for you.

Twins by Damion Romero
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One of my oldest and dearest friends (and long time pen pal from LA) Damion Romero makes beautiful minimal noise music. He used one of my watercolor paintings for the entire gatefold image in his new double LP “Twins.” The original record looks amazing and it is my eleventh record cover collaboration with a musician and my first gatefold image ever.

Damion Romero – Twins
Inside watercolor painting by Seze Devres
PTapes/Tone Filth Records & Tapes, 2007
LP, edition of 500
Here is another release we have collaborated on:
Romero, Damion – Medium
(CD, edition of 500, each with a unique cover photogram)
P Tapes, 1996.

and other CD & Record covers I have worked on.