Goodnight and Farewell, to the Creator of Awakened Dreamtime
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Seze Devres, sz03-1022b, 2003 from the Technicolor Series
Rainbow Jello
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This is so pretty even though I never eat gelatin.
Photo and source from the Adventures of Food Slut Blog, thanks for the link Abigail.

Awesome Period Action Heros
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Forgive me I don’t have a credit for this one…

Skylight Geometry
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Perelman Building skylights at the Philadelphia Museum of Art,
photo by Seze
Pattern Pleasures
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Fashioning Kimono: Art Deco and Modernism in Japan exhibit at The Philadelphia Museum of Art

photo by Seze

Marcel Duchamp
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The Large Glass at the Philadelphia Museum of Art,
photo by Seze

While studying art at Bard College in upstate NY in 1996, I made a trip to Philadelphia just to see the Marcel Duchamp room at The Philadelphia Museum of Art. He was that important to me, and he still is. I made my second trip to the Duchamp room yesterday, 12 years had past and I was still just as thrilled to see his work again. But the real treat was to see his haunting installation Étant donnés that is only visible trough a peep hole.

Étant donnés interior view
From Wikipedia:

Étant donnés is Marcel Duchamp‘s last major art work which surprised the art world that believed he’d given up art for chess 25 years earlier. It is a tableau, visible only through a peep hole in a wooden door, of a nude woman lying on her back with her face hidden and legs spread holding a gas lamp in the air in one hand against a landscape backdrop.

Duchamp worked secretly on the piece from 1946 to 1966 in his Greenwich Village studio while even his closest friends thought he had abandoned art.

It is made of an old wooden door, bricks, velvet, twigs, a female form made of leather, glass, linoleum, and an electric motor. Duchamp prepared a “Manual of Instructions” in a 4-ring binder explaining and illustrating how to assemble and disassemble the piece.

It wasn’t until 1969 that the Philadelphia Museum of Art revealed the tableau to the public.

Carlos Amorales
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Carlos Amorales: Four Animations, Five Drawings, and a Plague at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Surrounded by paper butterflies,
Photo by Bryan

Installation view at the Philadelphia Museum of Art,
Photo by Seze

Frida Kahlo, Patron Saint of Art Girls Worldwide
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I had a chance to see the gorgeous Frida Kahlo exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Seeing the exhibit made me want to watch the beautiful film Frida (2002) starring Salma Hayek again. The film is based on “Frida: A Biography of Frida Kahlo” by Hayden Herrera (who also helped to curate the Philadelphia exhibition). I read about two thirds of the book but I had to put it down because her life was just too painful to keep reading about. Seeing the exhibit was great, I had a chance to see some old friends (paintings that I have loved since my teenage years) and I started some new friendships (with some rare photographs and paintings that were included in the show)

Frida Kahlo, Self Portrait with Monkeys, 1943 is one of my favorites

Nerd Tank Playlist
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My buddy Kevin McHugh sometimes lets me babysit his totally awesome radio show when he has better things to do, like DJ for thousands of people at The Natural History Museum with Matt Dear. Bruno Pronsato was in town to play at my boyfriend’s party and I was lucky enough to interview him on air. Here is what I played:
Muzlimgauze – Cairopractor, Dome of the Rock Ant Zen, 2003
Coil – Babylero Horse Rotorvator, 2003
Coil – Where Even the Darkness is Something to See, Love’s Secret Domain, 1991
Coil – Theme from Blue, Unnatural History II, 1995
Coil – Neither His nor Yours, Unnatural History II, 1995
Brood – Brood XIII
Cristian Vogel – remixed by Herbert La Isla Piscola Herbert’s Harbour Dub, Novamute, 2001
Cristian Vogel – Sarcastically Tempered Powers, Busca Invisibles Tresor, 1999
Einzelkind – Spam Bot, Playhouse, 2007
Audion – A Noiser Noiser / Fred’s Bells (12″) Spectral Sound, 2007
Dethlab’s funny Mash Up Perrey & Kingsley Vs. Ambivalent unreleased mp3
Soylent Green – La Forza Destino (Radio Slave Remix), Playhouse 2007
Alex Smoke – Meany
[a]pendics Shuffle – Saw Saw Soup
Kate Simko – She Said She Said Spectral
Bruno Pronsato – Open Your Eyes
Bruno Pronsato – At Home I am a Tourist, Why Can’t We Be Like Us, 2008
Bruno Pronsato – Nobody Calls, Where Did You Learn To Kiss That Way, Hello? Repeat
Bruno Pronsato – Why Can’t We Be Like Us, Why Can’t We Be Like Us, 2008

Black Antlers by Coil
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I finally scored a copy of Coil’s Black Antlers and I was not disappointed. They truly are one of my favorite bands and I am so impressed with their decades of creativity (since 1983) that have inspired me. Words can even describe how important their music is to me.

I love this book cover
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Paul Villinski’s Butterflies
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So beautiful it makes me want to cry…

“My Back Pages” (detail) 2007; vinyl records, wire, phonograph, record covers.

“Lumen” (detail) 2007; aluminum (found beer cans), wire, powdered pigment.

Olafur Eliasson at the Museum of Modern Art.
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I really wish I had been able to see Olafur Eliasson Take your time @ SFMOMA in San Francisco. He is one of my absolute favorite artists and I can’t wait to see his show in NY.

Like abstract painting, Mr. Eliasson’s art can be slow to reveal itself. In an installation called “Beauty” a rainbow emerges from a curtain of mist and vanishes. Maybe you see it; maybe you don’t. The illumination in an empty “white” room at P.S. 1 changes color all but imperceptibly as you watch: from white, to faint gray, to pale pollen beige, to lavender, one dissolving into the next like shifts in weather or the readings of a mood ring.

Art Review | Olafur Eliasson
Stand Still; A Spectacle Will Happen
New York Times Published: April 18, 2008

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I love this childhood photo of my old friend Speedranch.
Catus Cat
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Randomly found on the internet.  But for some reason I can relate to this…

Architect Jean Nouvel
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Institut du Monde Arabe, Paris France

Louvre Museum interior (in progress) Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
All Things Considered, March 30, 2008
This year’s Pritzker Prize for Architecture has been awarded to Frenchman Jean Nouvel.

the new M.I.A. record is actually pretty good
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Watch the awesome Bollywood inspired video for Jimmy here

And here is the original video which is equally as awesome in its psychedelic disco fabulousness!
What drug is poor “dumb faced” Jimmy on?
Contemporary Arts Museum of Castilla y León (MUSAC) in León, Spain
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When can I move in to my technicolor dream house?

more images here

Another reason why I hate Paris Hilton
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I hate hate hate Paris Hilton.  I hate it when our culture embraces useless people who do absolutely nothing interesting with their lives.  I mean how far can you go in life for being stupid and skanky? But now that I found out she has met my baby girl cousin while on her trip to Turkey, I am super pissed off.  She got to meet baby Deniz before me!

p.s. Look at how cute my cousin is.

Jam by Karen Chase
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Category: literature

Our love is not the short
courtly kind but
upstream, down,
long inside — enjambed,
enjoined, conjoined, and
jammed, it’s you, enkindler,
enlarger, jampacked man of many
stanzas, my enheartener — love
runs on from line to
you, from line to me and me
to you, from river to sea and sea to
land, hits a careless coast, meanders
way across the globe — land
ahoy! water ahoy! — love
with no end, my waters go
wherever you are, my stream
of consciousness.