Total Eclipse of the Fart
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Wow this Total Eclipse of the Heart: Literal Video Version is really funny. Thanks for the link Heather.

more lol cats favorites
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uh I can totally relate

Strong Bad Emails
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Some things never stop being funny!

The IT Crowd
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I watched the entire first season of the hilarious British Comedy show The IT Crowd today while working.  It seriously one of the funniest shows I have ever seen. The IT Crowd is about the dorky IT department that works in the basement of a huge office building.  Unfortunately a U.S. version is in the works. Why do they have to remake it?  Its not like its in another language??  Anyway you can stream the first season on the Netflix site and on the Channel 4 you can read all about it.

here is a good clip

Coraline in true 3D was gorgeous
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I had a chance to view Coraline in true 3D at the most lovely movie theater in New York The Ziegfeld. Coraline is far better and darker than most children’s films.  The visuals were completely inspiring and I can’t wait to see it again and again.

from the original book by Neil Gaiman

Coraline and her kitty venture down the rabbit hole.

The mouse circus performance was my favorite part.

Real Talking Dogs
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Fail Blog is Hilarious
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Thank you Abigail for making me laugh for the first time today:

Tina Fey as Sarah Palin (and Poehler as Clinton) on SNL
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Link on Gawker

Awesome Period Action Heros
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Forgive me I don’t have a credit for this one…

We all love Mr. Men and Little Miss by Roger Hargreaves
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I was flipping through the channels and I found out there is actually a new TV show about the Mr. Men and Little Miss characters by Roger Hargreaves on the Cartoon Network. It is actually kind of funny and oh so very colorful and that makes me very happy!

another reason why I love my friends
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I get real emails with these kinds of headlines, no joke:

Our whole house has scarlet fever, Victorian tea party cancelled!”

According to John Waters it is a Filthy World, but oh it is so funny!
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You will love watching John Waters’ DVD Its a Filthy World, it is kind of like art school stand up.

funny, funny, funny.
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Robin Williams Live on Broadway might just be on of the funniest DVDs I have ever seen!