Studio visit with Aaron Taylor Kuffner
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Highlights from my studio visit with Aaron Taylor Kuffner aka Zemi 17 creator of the Gamelatron. Taylor made me lunch, we talked art/process and I followed him around his magical workshop with my camera.

041716-Zemi-078041716-Zemi-072 041716-Zemi-067 041716-Zemi-064 041716-Zemi-059041716-Zemi-031 041716-Zemi-026041716-Zemi-109 041716-Zemi-024 041716-Zemi-056 041716-Zemi-054 041716-Zemi-053 041716-Zemi-052041716-Zemi-051 041716-Zemi-046041716-Zemi-115 041716-Zemi-030 041716-Zemi-023 041716-Zemi-013 041716-Zemi-012041716-Zemi-119041716-Zemi-111 041716-Zemi-104 041716-Zemi-101041716-Zemi-103 041716-Zemi-100 041716-Zemi-096 041716-Zemi-093 041716-Zemi-087041716-Zemi-117041716-Zemi-120

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Forma press photos for The Bunker NY

bunker-fromaforma-037 forma-015 forma-016

Carlos Souffront
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Carlos Souffront press photos for The Bunker NY

carlos-001 carlos-003 carlos-007 carlos-010 carlos-006 carlos-016 carlos-017 carlos-018 carlos-020 carlos-027

Marco Shuttle
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Seze Devres Photography NYC Seze Devres Photography NYC Seze Devres Photography NYC Seze Devres Photography NYC Seze Devres Photography NYC Seze Devres Photography NYC Seze Devres Photography NYC

here is a new mix by Marco Shuttle on Soundcloud


The Bunker NY’s new web site
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We are very happy to announce the newly designed web site for The Bunker New York.

I have been photographing the The Bunker events for years.  Recently I have focused my energy on photographing the artists in the studio. All the artists on the roster are slowing making their way through my studio doors. I am very excited with the results.



Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 5.14.34 PM

Hot off the press!
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We just picked up our newly pressed records from Brooklynphono. The first release is by our longtime friend Leisure Muffin. You can stream it and order it here on The Bunker New York Bandcamp page. It was exciting to see our records being pressed right before our very eyes! I felt like I was in Charlie and the Chocolate factory. I am very proud of Bryan and all the hard work that went into making the first release.

bkphono-07bkphono-05 bkphono-08bkphono-03bkphono-19 bkphono-09bkphono-11 bkphono-13 bkphono-26 bkphono-29bkphono-32 bkphono-34bkphono-24 bkphono-35 bkphono-43bkphono-39 bkphono-44 bkphono-49 bkphono-51 bkphono-52 bkphono-57