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Been photographing parties and concerts since high school (with a real camera). I still love to document as much as possible from my life, professionally and for my own personal reasons. However I never thought it would ever come to this… Everyone is experiencing this Luciano gig at Marquee with their phone up in the air.

Kiss & Tell 8 year Anniversary!
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Kiss & Tell: 8 Year Anniversary!
Thursday January 23, 2014
9pm – 4am 

The Crystal Ark [DFA] – live
The Neurotic Drum Band aka John Selway, Ulysses – dj set
Analog Soul – Jacky Sommer and DatKat – dj set

Baby’s All Right – 146 Broadway (near Bedford Ave) Brooklyn, NY

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The Bunker NY’s new web site
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We are very happy to announce the newly designed web site for The Bunker New York.

I have been photographing the The Bunker events for years.  Recently I have focused my energy on photographing the artists in the studio. All the artists on the roster are slowing making their way through my studio doors. I am very excited with the results.



Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 5.14.34 PM

Hot off the press!
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We just picked up our newly pressed records from Brooklynphono. The first release is by our longtime friend Leisure Muffin. You can stream it and order it here on The Bunker New York Bandcamp page. It was exciting to see our records being pressed right before our very eyes! I felt like I was in Charlie and the Chocolate factory. I am very proud of Bryan and all the hard work that went into making the first release.

bkphono-07bkphono-05 bkphono-08bkphono-03bkphono-19 bkphono-09bkphono-11 bkphono-13 bkphono-26 bkphono-29bkphono-32 bkphono-34bkphono-24 bkphono-35 bkphono-43bkphono-39 bkphono-44 bkphono-49 bkphono-51 bkphono-52 bkphono-57

Derek Plaslaiko
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keep things moving
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vintage mom
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Mike Kelley
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Here is just one gallery room in the massive and extensive exhibition on artist Mike Kelly at MoMA PS1.

mike-kelly01mike-kelly02 mike-kelly03 mike-kelly04 mike-kelly06 mike-kelly07 mike-kelly08 mike-kelly09 mike-kelly12 mike-kelly13 mike-kelly14 mike-kelly15 mike-kelly16 mike-kelly18 mike-kelly19 mike-kelly20 mike-kelly21 mike-kelly24 mike-kelly25 mike-kelly26 mike-kelly27

Happy New Year!
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