Dotty Attie
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Painting by Dotty Attie P.P.O.W. Gallery


Demdike Stare Interview
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James Jean
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James Jean’s portfolio site:

James Jean’s blog:

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My dad found an old drink ticket from the 80s NYC club Danceteria and scanned it for me.  I always loved their logo and flyer designs.

front & back

An amazing archive of Danceteria Flyers

Danceteria blog filled with cool videos and memorabilia

Late Night Reruns - Stephanie Chernikowski - 4/09/82

Late Night Reruns - Stephanie Chernikowski - 4/09/82

Goodbye Bettie Page
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Bettie Page, Queen of Pinups, Dies at 85

Our beautiful pinup queen has passed away.  Photographer Unknown.

Dame Darcy’s Gasoline
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My dearest friend and fellow good witch Dame Darcy had her art opening today at Sloan Fine art.  Tonight, I arrived right on time at her opening and I waited (with her best friend) for her to arrive.  We looked at her amazing illustrations and talked about how much we love Darcy.  I have adored her work since high school and since then we have become close friends.  After 40 minutes I went home and with a fresh copy of Gasoline in my arms.  I can’t wait to cuddle with her drawings and her story tonight.  I am so proud of her for finally publishing her book and I hope that she will have a brighter and better future once she moves out west.

Darcy, I know you are leaving New York with a broken heart but my heart will always be with you….

Gasoline original illustrations
Nov. 19th – Dec. 20th 2008
Sloan Fine Art
Gasoline art exhibition of original
illustrations from graphic novel and Gasoline painting series by Dame Darcy
128 Rivington st.
press release

Chadwick Tyler
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Photo by Chadwick Tyler

Awesome new Diesel Ad
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watch it here

body shadows
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sorry photographer na
Super Sexy
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…but the shoes are killing me.

Marcel Duchamp
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The Large Glass at the Philadelphia Museum of Art,
photo by Seze

While studying art at Bard College in upstate NY in 1996, I made a trip to Philadelphia just to see the Marcel Duchamp room at The Philadelphia Museum of Art. He was that important to me, and he still is. I made my second trip to the Duchamp room yesterday, 12 years had past and I was still just as thrilled to see his work again. But the real treat was to see his haunting installation Étant donnés that is only visible trough a peep hole.

Étant donnés interior view
From Wikipedia:

Étant donnés is Marcel Duchamp‘s last major art work which surprised the art world that believed he’d given up art for chess 25 years earlier. It is a tableau, visible only through a peep hole in a wooden door, of a nude woman lying on her back with her face hidden and legs spread holding a gas lamp in the air in one hand against a landscape backdrop.

Duchamp worked secretly on the piece from 1946 to 1966 in his Greenwich Village studio while even his closest friends thought he had abandoned art.

It is made of an old wooden door, bricks, velvet, twigs, a female form made of leather, glass, linoleum, and an electric motor. Duchamp prepared a “Manual of Instructions” in a 4-ring binder explaining and illustrating how to assemble and disassemble the piece.

It wasn’t until 1969 that the Philadelphia Museum of Art revealed the tableau to the public.

Audrey Kawasaki
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Audrey Kawasaki

The sticky science of relationships…
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Super smart and sexy shows like Coupling (BBC UK) and Tell Me You Love Me (HBO) have a lot to say about relationships between men and women. The two are not to be missed.

Naked Covers!
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Someone was nice enough to compile this list of the best record covers with boobies and other naked treats.

Thanks for the link Bryan.
look here

Here are some of my favs, but it was really hard to pick.