Joe Webb
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I absolutely adore these collages by Joe Webb.

Brian Dettmer: Book Autopsies
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Brian Dettmer sifts through stacks of antiquated books, boxes of dusty cassette tapes, and piles of obsolete maps to uncover the perfect source and subject for his conceptual explorations and sculptural dissections. Dettmer alters pre-existing materials by selectively removing and manipulating elements as a way to allow new interpretations and ideas to emerge. With the precision of a surgeon, Dettmer uses scalpels, tweezers, and other medical instruments to carve into the surface of his found objects to reveal hidden meanings.

Skull, sculpture made from altered cassette tape cartridges by Brian Dettmer

Websters New World Dictionary altered by Brian Dettmer

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My dad found an old drink ticket from the 80s NYC club Danceteria and scanned it for me.  I always loved their logo and flyer designs.

front & back

An amazing archive of Danceteria Flyers

Danceteria blog filled with cool videos and memorabilia

Late Night Reruns - Stephanie Chernikowski - 4/09/82

Late Night Reruns - Stephanie Chernikowski - 4/09/82

clip art animation
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787 Cliparts by Oliver Laric
Rosemarie Fiore
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This is the most beautiful thing I have seen today:
“Firework Drawing #14” 2005
lit firework residue, collage on paper 41 3/4 in x 29 1/2 in
Talking Heads – Speaking In Tongues 1983 (Robert Rauschenberg Limited Edition)
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I really want this:

Zach’s self portrait as Prince
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Brilliant Photoshop collage by my friend Zach

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Editorial: Vogue Patterns
Magazine: Vogue Italy Dec 2007
Photographer: Steven Meisel

more here

Lee Bul at Lehmann Maupin Gallery NY
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Like a vast ship, from the years when the earth was still flat and spices were rare, Lee Bul’s gorgeous sculpture comprised of chains and beaded links took my breath away….

Photo by Seze

Detail of Lee Bul’s stunning sculpture now on view. Photo by Seze

Goodbye to my Grandfather of Collage
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Robert Rauschenberg, Titan of American Art, Is Dead at 82

Robert Rauschenberg, “Solstice” 1968

Pattern Pleasures
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Fashioning Kimono: Art Deco and Modernism in Japan exhibit at The Philadelphia Museum of Art

photo by Seze

Paul Villinski’s Butterflies
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So beautiful it makes me want to cry…

“My Back Pages” (detail) 2007; vinyl records, wire, phonograph, record covers.

“Lumen” (detail) 2007; aluminum (found beer cans), wire, powdered pigment.

Visual Inspiration Explosion!
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