Bob Dylan’s Theme Time Radio Hour Rocks!
03.17.08 | 1 Comment
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I finally heard Bob Dylan’s Radio show and I was not disappointed.
He picks a wide variety of vintage songs and his buttery voice is so pleasant to listen to.

Thanks to my stepdad Guy for helping me catch up on episodes.


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By admin on 03.25.08 12:45 pm

You’re very welcome. The Dylan show is great listening. There’s more
than a little nostalgia involved… well, maybe that’s not the right
word. Between the music and his commentary he conjures a palpable sense
of the passage of time. Changes in culture, lifestyle, quality of life,
politics, racial and regional isolation… there’s a lot of vivid
imagery. I’ve really enjoyed the time I’ve spent listening to those
shows… just listening to him recite the lyrics that he’s drawn to –
it’s a lot of fun.


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