Lee Miller
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Miller by Man Ray

Last night I read an amazing article on the incredible complicated life of Lee Miller by one of my favorite authors Judith Thurman in the January 21, 2008 Issue of The New Yorker.

Lee Miller, the playgirl, model, photographer, muse of Man Ray and others, and war correspondent. “She had the gift of finding beauty in a wasteland, and her eye tends to petrify what it looks at,” Thurman writes. “Organic forms and living creatures become abstract in her pictures, but movingly so—the way a nymph fleeing an aggressor is transformed into a star.”

She was Painted by Picasso and also here.

A solarized portrait of Lee Miller
by Man Ray, circa 1930.

Piano by Broadwood, London, 1940 by Lee Miller

Remington Silent by Lee Miller

Postwar, Miller gave up photography and took
up cooking. Lady Penrose, photographed in
the kitchen of her East Sussex estate,
Farley Farm, for House & Garden, 1973.

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