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the lovely vineyards of Sonoma County

Delhi, India
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Jes and I had a nice relaxing final two days in India shopping up a storm and watching old Bollywood films in my “Lost in Translation” hotel room.

funny baby portraits

Vrindavan Parikrama (spirtual walk)
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Monkeys of Vrindavan, India
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Iskon Temple Paintings
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Iskon Temple, Vrindavan, India
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someone handed me a rose


Garland Ladies
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I met these lovely ladies at the market in Vrindavan, India.  They make garlands all day for the deities at the temples. As sweet as their flowers, they smiled for my camera while they worked. I guess it is a good business since there are 5,000 temples in Vrindavan!

handmade shoes!
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I found a lovely little boutique that made custom shoes in Udaipur, India. I bought two pairs! Here are photos of the shopkeeper and his beautiful Indian princess slippers.



Udaipur, India – more snapshots!
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After the three day Indian wedding (which was absolutely spectacular) we decided to spend our time relaxing by Hotel Lake Pichola’s rooftop pool.  As much as I like to go sightseeing, I decided to take the day off and hang out with the remaining wedding guests.  Photographing a wedding is quite intense, so it felt really nice to rest my feet and soak in some sun.  This city best viewed from above.

Heading off to Vrindavan via overnight train now!

my travel books…

Jes’ new bangles!

City Palace in Udaipur, India
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Udaipur, wall paintings
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view from our room

morning light



Goodbye Goa!
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my token India cow photos

Shopping in Arambol, India
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Until today I have been very conservative about my purchases…. the Jes found a little store that perfectly matches my taste. There were so many affordable pretty printed silk and cotton dresses. It was fun to trying them all on.  If only I could check eight bags!

Don’t worry I didn’t buy these ridiculous pants!

Jes and her personal tailor!