WALL-E (2008)
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This beautiful movie was so sweet and heartwarming, while presenting an apocalyptic, dark dystopian view of the future. There was hardly any dialogue and many of the scenes and sound design were totally sublime in the most beautiful way. Highly recommended.
Anton Corbjin, Control (2007)
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This lovely black and white movie was much better than I expected it to be.  It was so exciting to see the first film made by one of my all time favorite photographers Anton Corbjin. Each shot was more gorgeous than the last and the acting was really impressive.  It was so true to life, at times I thought I was watching a documentary.  I can’t wait to see what Corbjin comes up with next.

Deutch Elle, April 2008
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Category: fashion |Photography

Photographer: Ruven Afanador

When Perfect Is Not the Goal
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When I was a kid my mom let me draw on the walls and furniture too.

Pamela Bell, one of the four original partners in the Kate Spade brand, has dedicated her house to her children. NY Times article

Robert Longo’s gorgeous charcoal drawings
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Category: drawing

Untitled (Diana), 2007

Untitled (Cassandra), 2008

Untitled (Last Moon), 2007

Talking Heads – Speaking In Tongues 1983 (Robert Rauschenberg Limited Edition)
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I really want this:

Magnolia Plantation Gardens & Audubon Swamp Reserve in South Carolina
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I just came back from this heavenly place.

Boys with new kittens
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Pheek/Jean-Patrice Rémillard’s kitties in Montreal
(photo stolen from Pheek)

Bri3n with his new Turkish kitten Count Baklava

Stephen and baby All-Ball

Zach’s self portrait as Prince
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Brilliant Photoshop collage by my friend Zach

Paris Je T’aime
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Category: film |travel

I just watched the lovely Paris Je T’aime, 18 short films about the people of the marvelous city of Paris. Each film was delightful but the last one by Alexander Payne was the most heartwarming. Highly recommended.

The films were directed by the following:
Olivier Assayas
Frédéric Auburtin
Emmanuel Benbihy
Gurinder Chadha
Sylvain Chomet
Ethan & Joel Coen
Isabel Coixet
Wes Craven
Alfonso Cuarón
Gérard Depardieu
Christopher Doyle
Richard LaGravenese
Vincenzo Natali
Alexander Payne
Bruno Podalydès
Walter Salles
Oliver Schmitz
Nobuhiro Suwa
Daniela Thomas
Tom Tykwer
Gus Van Sant