Safety Scissors
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I had a blast taking photos with my friend and very talented musician Safety Scissors. We had six costume changes, a few dranks, and a whole barrel of laughs.

He has a new record coming out on Bpitch Control called In A Manner Of Sleeping. You can preview it here on















Terrible Valentines
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I really love Valentine’s Day, as a total romantic I can’t help myself. Today while searching for proper vintage Valentines I found these dreadful gems!



It’s my birthday!
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20 Cats As Fonts
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I absolutely love 20 Cats As Fonts. Click here to see the rest.

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Pixie made this
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Detroit 2009: Day 3.5
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Sunday night was the only night we had a “night off” from throwing parties at Oslo. Bryan was booked to open the all night acid house party No Way Back produced by Interdimensional Transmissions.  I was wonderful to meet our lovely party hosts Brendan (from Ectomorph) and Amber.  All night (and morning ) we were blessed with awesome tunes from Spinoza, Derek, Plaslaiko, BMG, I.B.M., Mike Servito, Chuck Hampton, Carlos Souffront, Patrick Russell, and Traxx.  Yet, the best part was hanging out in the lounge at the early morning hours with a my silly wasted Detroit/Brooklyn tachno family.

We were the first people to arrive and I took this photo of Derek Plaslaiko while they were setting up.

Bryan/Spinoza opening up No Way Back

My dear friends and insanely creative lovebirds Michael and Bethany (Dethlab)

pretty boy mohawk

Matt Abbott and “In Surf We Trust” sunglasses

Luckily I passed on the 9am cheap champagne…

All photos by Seze Devres

Total Eclipse of the Fart
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Wow this Total Eclipse of the Heart: Literal Video Version is really funny. Thanks for the link Heather.

more lol cats favorites
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uh I can totally relate

Cat Toys
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When we moved the furniture I found Pixie Pixel’s secret stash of kitty toys and bug corpses.

Photo by Seze Devres

Strong Bad Emails
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Some things never stop being funny!

The IT Crowd
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I watched the entire first season of the hilarious British Comedy show The IT Crowd today while working.  It seriously one of the funniest shows I have ever seen. The IT Crowd is about the dorky IT department that works in the basement of a huge office building.  Unfortunately a U.S. version is in the works. Why do they have to remake it?  Its not like its in another language??  Anyway you can stream the first season on the Netflix site and on the Channel 4 you can read all about it.

here is a good clip

My Kiss & Tell Nerd Portraits
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view gallery

I love black & white movie dogs
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Photograph by Elliott Erwitt, Paris, 1989

Kittens inspired by Kittens video!
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this so cute

Look what I made today…
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Model: Monkey the Dog
Photography & Design: Seze

Noodle Cat
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I love this.

Fail Blog is Hilarious
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Thank you Abigail for making me laugh for the first time today:

Chicken Nuggets Self-Dip
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Bansky’s mock pet shop in the Village.
Photo: Robert Stolarik for The New York Times article

Awesome new Diesel Ad
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watch it here