Miró Museum – Barcelona
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BCN-miro-museum-14BCN-miro-museum-21BCN-miro-museum-08BCN-miro-museum-03 BCN-miro-museum-06BCN-miro-museum-07 BCN-miro-museum-05 BCN-miro-museum-29 BCN-miro-museum-17  BCN-miro-museum-15 BCN-miro-museum-13 BCN-miro-museum-12 BCN-miro-museum-10 BCN-miro-museum-23 BCN-miro-museum-28 BCN-miro-museum-19BCN-miro-museum-20

Studio visit with Aaron Taylor Kuffner
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Highlights from my studio visit with Aaron Taylor Kuffner aka Zemi 17 creator of the Gamelatron. Taylor made me lunch, we talked art/process and I followed him around his magical workshop with my camera.

041716-Zemi-078041716-Zemi-072 041716-Zemi-067 041716-Zemi-064 041716-Zemi-059041716-Zemi-031 041716-Zemi-026041716-Zemi-109 041716-Zemi-024 041716-Zemi-056 041716-Zemi-054 041716-Zemi-053 041716-Zemi-052041716-Zemi-051 041716-Zemi-046041716-Zemi-115 041716-Zemi-030 041716-Zemi-023 041716-Zemi-013 041716-Zemi-012041716-Zemi-119041716-Zemi-111 041716-Zemi-104 041716-Zemi-101041716-Zemi-103 041716-Zemi-100 041716-Zemi-096 041716-Zemi-093 041716-Zemi-087041716-Zemi-117041716-Zemi-120

Denver Botanical Gardens
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https://www.facebook.com/sezepix https://www.facebook.com/sezepix https://www.facebook.com/sezepix https://www.facebook.com/sezepixhttps://www.facebook.com/sezepix https://www.facebook.com/sezepix https://www.facebook.com/sezepix https://www.facebook.com/sezepix

Klea McKenna
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KleaMcKenna-WebStudy_1 KleaMcKenna-WebStudy_5Klea_McKenna-Rain-Kona2013-C_920 KleaMcKenna_RainStudy-09-S_920 KleaMcKenna_RainStudy-19-VLw_920 KleaMcKenna_RainStudy-detail_920


photograms by www.kleamckenna.com

Georgia O’Keeffe
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Georgia O’Keeffe watercoloring, photographed by her lover Alfred Stieglitz

Steve Back
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I love these aerial photos of Kalbarri, Western Australia’s Hutt Lagoon, the world’s largest Beta Carotene farm by Australian engineer turned photographer Steve Back.

All images by www.stevebackart.com

Erno-Erik Raitanen’s Bacteriograms
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“Colorful and unusual patterns pictures are what photographer Erno-Erik Raitanen calls self-portraits. The pictures, which Raitanen says are more like photograms, involve no camera, some photographic film, and bacteria.

The series, called Bacteriograms, is a display of Raitanen’s own body bacteria cultivated on the gelatin surface of film negatives, much like bacteria is grown in Petri dishes in a laboratory setting.”

from petapixel.com









winter light
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source unknown

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Photos by Seze Devres

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Sentimental Journey
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I made a very sappy mix called “Sentimental Journey” for my dear friend Jane Lerner’s CD club. There are 12 members in the CD Club and each person is designated a specific month to make a mix, create a cover, and mail it to the 11 others across the country. My month was February, of course I got it off on the very last day, which leap year made it the 29th. I wanted to share it digitally. So feel free to download it and have a listen. Here are some photos of the hand painted covers.

Meditaion Music by Pulse Emitter
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This is currently my favorite ambient music. It is now available for free download from his site. Enjoy!


PULSE EMITTER, meditative music series

‘Hello Mr. Stella’ by Anthony Burrill
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Lyricalinear 2008
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I added a few images from 2008 to my site www.seze.net

Seze Devres, sz08-0506b from Lyricalinear 2008, Digial C Print, 16×20

Seze Devres, sz08-0506d from Lyricalinear 2008, Digial C Print, 16×20

Seze Devres, sz08-0506e from Lyricalinear 2008, Digial C Print, 16×20

James Jean
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James Jean’s portfolio site: www.jamesjean.com

James Jean’s blog: www.processrecess.com

Animal Collective
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Their new album is simply delicious.

My Girls video

On Letterman

tiny cactus I shot in my studio today
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Color Bars
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This little video by André Chocron is really sweet.

Tara Donovan at Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston
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I went to Boston for the Brainwaves three day music festival.  On Saturday I took a break from the dark theater of warm sounds and went on an excursion to the newly built Institute of Contemporary Art.  The ICA is a gorgeous temple of light, a perfect place to look at art.  The architecture truly rivals the art.  Plus they have the best museum elevator I ever rode on.  I was delighted to see that they had a very extensive show of Tara Donovan’s sculptures.  Donovan makes beautiful futuristic structures out of very common materials.  I was only able to take a few photos in the museum.

Be sure to look at the rest of her work on the Ace Gallery site.

ICA interior photo by Seze Devres

Close up of Tara Donovan’s sculpture by Seze Devres

Close up of Tara Donovan’s sculpture by Seze Devres

ICA Boston site

Leo Villareal
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Leo Villareal at the National Gallery of Art, Washington

Leo Villareal
Artist’s rendering of the Connecting Link
National Gallery of Art, Washington