Dia Beacon
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Visited Dia Art Foundation in Beacon NY, with 8 of my favorite lady friends, on a crisp January afternoon.

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Mike Kelley
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Here is just one gallery room in the massive and extensive exhibition on artist Mike Kelly at MoMA PS1.

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Nick Cave’s Creatures
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Yesterday I ventured to Chelsea to visit the two solo exhibitions by the artist Nick Cave. One is at Mary Boone Gallery and the other is at Jack Shainman. His work is a real treat to see in person. There is a really great documentation of the Jack Shainman show here on their gallery site.

Fur bunny icemen!

Tara Donovan at Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston
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I went to Boston for the Brainwaves three day music festival.  On Saturday I took a break from the dark theater of warm sounds and went on an excursion to the newly built Institute of Contemporary Art.  The ICA is a gorgeous temple of light, a perfect place to look at art.  The architecture truly rivals the art.  Plus they have the best museum elevator I ever rode on.  I was delighted to see that they had a very extensive show of Tara Donovan’s sculptures.  Donovan makes beautiful futuristic structures out of very common materials.  I was only able to take a few photos in the museum.

Be sure to look at the rest of her work on the Ace Gallery site.

ICA interior photo by Seze Devres

Close up of Tara Donovan’s sculpture by Seze Devres

Close up of Tara Donovan’s sculpture by Seze Devres

ICA Boston site

Mutek Montreal 2008
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I ended up having more fun at the smaller festival Mutek because of the intimacy of the events. We were only there for the last two days of the festival. Saturday night we headed over to Metropolis for an amazing line up. I was excited to see Chloe live but for me the best act of the night was a debut dubby set by Code 9 and Space Ape. This normally isn’t even the kind of music I like but there was something really transcendent about their performance. After their set ended DJ Olive said “Wow that was like Sun Ra!”

The real highlight of the weekend was the outdoor Picnic Electronique with Mathias Kaden & Onur Özur djing together. We danced all day in the foggy wet light rain. No one seemed to be phased by the crappy weather because the music and the vibe was so unbelievably good. In their totally creative set Mathias Kaden & Onur Özur mixed strings and horns into techno tracks. Plus they were super cute to watch as they picked records to play and danced together.

Here is David Last’s amazing photo documentation of Mutek 2008 on Flickr

Me and my new fellow pink haired new artist friend Megan, we instantly became friends after I walked up to her. Photo by my dear friend David Last

We arrived at Metropolis right when the night started, the empty dance floor filled up soon thereafter. Photo by Seze

The visuals were gorgeous and totally different for each act. Photo by Seze

Bunker Bryan with Philip Sherburne, one of my favorite music writers and a super nice person as well. Genevieve & Matt (Portland Techno Promoters Kulture Szene) and Derek are behind them.
Stupid snapshot by Seze

How lucky we are! We danced under a Calder sculpture all day in the rain.
Photo by Seze

I love the pee pee dance logo by Picnic Eletronik
Photo by Seze

Geometry as Image at Robert Miller Gallery NY
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John Pai meticulously joins welding rods into open steel structures that develop organically as they occupy space.
Photo by Seze

Detail, Photo by Seze

Ilya Bolotowsky Trylon , 1977 (left)
Kenneth Snelson Easter Monday , 1977 (right)
Photo by Seze
more info

Lee Bul at Lehmann Maupin Gallery NY
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Like a vast ship, from the years when the earth was still flat and spices were rare, Lee Bul’s gorgeous sculpture comprised of chains and beaded links took my breath away….

Photo by Seze

Detail of Lee Bul’s stunning sculpture now on view. Photo by Seze

Goodbye to my Grandfather of Collage
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Robert Rauschenberg, Titan of American Art, Is Dead at 82

Robert Rauschenberg, “Solstice” 1968

Marcel Duchamp
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The Large Glass at the Philadelphia Museum of Art,
photo by Seze

While studying art at Bard College in upstate NY in 1996, I made a trip to Philadelphia just to see the Marcel Duchamp room at The Philadelphia Museum of Art. He was that important to me, and he still is. I made my second trip to the Duchamp room yesterday, 12 years had past and I was still just as thrilled to see his work again. But the real treat was to see his haunting installation Étant donnés that is only visible trough a peep hole.

Étant donnés interior view
From Wikipedia:

Étant donnés is Marcel Duchamp‘s last major art work which surprised the art world that believed he’d given up art for chess 25 years earlier. It is a tableau, visible only through a peep hole in a wooden door, of a nude woman lying on her back with her face hidden and legs spread holding a gas lamp in the air in one hand against a landscape backdrop.

Duchamp worked secretly on the piece from 1946 to 1966 in his Greenwich Village studio while even his closest friends thought he had abandoned art.

It is made of an old wooden door, bricks, velvet, twigs, a female form made of leather, glass, linoleum, and an electric motor. Duchamp prepared a “Manual of Instructions” in a 4-ring binder explaining and illustrating how to assemble and disassemble the piece.

It wasn’t until 1969 that the Philadelphia Museum of Art revealed the tableau to the public.

Carlos Amorales
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Carlos Amorales: Four Animations, Five Drawings, and a Plague at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Surrounded by paper butterflies,
Photo by Bryan

Installation view at the Philadelphia Museum of Art,
Photo by Seze

Paul Villinski’s Butterflies
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So beautiful it makes me want to cry…


“My Back Pages” (detail) 2007; vinyl records, wire, phonograph, record covers.

“Lumen” (detail) 2007; aluminum (found beer cans), wire, powdered pigment.

Olafur Eliasson at the Museum of Modern Art.
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I really wish I had been able to see Olafur Eliasson Take your time @ SFMOMA in San Francisco. He is one of my absolute favorite artists and I can’t wait to see his show in NY.

Like abstract painting, Mr. Eliasson’s art can be slow to reveal itself. In an installation called “Beauty” a rainbow emerges from a curtain of mist and vanishes. Maybe you see it; maybe you don’t. The illumination in an empty “white” room at P.S. 1 changes color all but imperceptibly as you watch: from white, to faint gray, to pale pollen beige, to lavender, one dissolving into the next like shifts in weather or the readings of a mood ring.

Art Review | Olafur Eliasson
Stand Still; A Spectacle Will Happen
New York Times Published: April 18, 2008

Jermey Earhart
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Jermey Earhart
Burn Out, and Fade Away , 2007
Hand-cut Plexiglas, acrylic, car paint, airbrush, black light
Goff + Rosenthal Gallery

Jeff Koons Meets Marie Antoinette at Versailles
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Category: sculpture

September next year, Jeff Koons will exhibit his giant sculptures indoors and outdoors at the Palace of Versailles.

Marie Antoinette c1769
she’s homeless
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Category: sculpture

Laura Ford, Rag and Bone, 2007
bronze, edn 5,122 x 146 x 75 cm
courtesy the artist and Houldsworth London

Laura Ford, Rag and Bone with Bin, 2007
bronze, edition of 3, 123 x 100 x 65 cm
courtesy the artist and Houldsworth London

Laura Ford, Hedgehog in Blankets 2007
bronze, edition of 6, 17.5 x 41.5 x 27.3 cm
courtesy the artist and Houldsworth, London

Paper constructions of a very real world…
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Thomas Demand, Embassy IV.a, 2007
303 Gallery, New York, 2007

Bone Machine
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Category: sculpture

Steven Gregory at Nicolas Robinson Gallery

Steven Gregory
, 2006
55.25 x 55.25 x 15.5 inches

Steven Gregory
Bone Orchid, 2007
Human bones, glass beads, plaster and wax
30.5 x 15 x 10 inches