Snow Queen by Chris Von Steiner
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Chris Von Steiner

troubled young girls running away to find themselves…
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I recently watched two beautifully similar movies about young girls running away and traveling from home to escape from their problems. Both Morven Caller(2002) directed by Lynne Ramsay, and Somersault(2004) directed by Cate Shortland had luscious soundtracks full of sweet electronic melodies, gorgeous cinematography and excellent scripts.

Morven Callar contemplates her big problem in her kitchen…

Somersault (2004)

Heidi is lonely at the rave and everywhere else…
a movie as beautiful as a charcoal drawing
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There Will Be Blood (2007) Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson

mega monsters that fit in your video camera
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Cloverfield (2008) is well worth seeing…

Fabian Marcaccio’s dark world
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Fabian Marcaccio, Loop (draftant), 2007
multiple drafting materials, pigmented inks on sintra, water pump
28 x 24 inches

Artwork by: Fabian Marcaccio
Global Zombie (draftant), 2007
Multiple drafting materials and pigmented ink on sintra
28 x 24 in./ 71 x 61 cm
Courtesy BravinLee programs, New York

Jessica Bajoros
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funny, funny, funny.
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Robin Williams Live on Broadway might just be on of the funniest DVDs I have ever seen!

still life
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Rinko Kawauchi at Cohan and Leslie Gallery

Untitled, 2007, c-print, 40 x 40 inches

(25), 2004, C-print, 40 x 40 inches