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Here are a few pics of my backyard garden. Last time I had a garden was over 12 years ago when I lived in the East Village. I guess there are some things you don’t forget how to do. Even released a few ladybugs for organic bug control. Happy to see they are sticking around.

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Eye candy of the day: Nikon Small World Photo Competition
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Jose Almodovar, Diatoms (100X)

Pedro Barrios-Perez, Oxidation of III-V semiconductor through pin-hole (200X)

Charles Krebs,Wing scales of Urania riphaeus (Sunset moth) (100X)

Solvin Zankl. Kiel, Germany, Sergestes larva (deep-water decapod crustacean) (30x)

I want to go to the Insectarium
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Audubon Insectarium opens in New Orleans, NY Times Article

Insect photograph by Seze Devres taken at the Reading Museum in Pennsylvania, 2005

Carlos Amorales
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Carlos Amorales: Four Animations, Five Drawings, and a Plague at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Surrounded by paper butterflies,
Photo by Bryan

Installation view at the Philadelphia Museum of Art,
Photo by Seze

Paul Villinski’s Butterflies
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So beautiful it makes me want to cry…

“My Back Pages” (detail) 2007; vinyl records, wire, phonograph, record covers.

“Lumen” (detail) 2007; aluminum (found beer cans), wire, powdered pigment.