Drew Barrymore interviewed on Fresh Air
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I grew up watching Drew Barrymore grow up with me.  We are exactly the same age.  This week she has really nice interview on Fresh Air to promote her hew movie, a remake of Grey Gardens.

listen here (you might just love her even more)

Drew Barrymore in VOGUE Photographed by Annie Leibovitz

Horizons 2008: Perspectives on Psychedelics Audio Available
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Horizons 2008: Perspectives on Psychedelics lectures audio is available for listening online here.  I especially recommend listening to one of my favorite author’s Daniel Pinchbeck’s talk.

In 2007 I designed the Horizons Web Site take a look at it to see more information on this amazing yearly conference.

Nerd Tank Playlist
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My buddy Kevin McHugh sometimes lets me babysit his totally awesome radio show when he has better things to do, like DJ for thousands of people at The Natural History Museum with Matt Dear. Bruno Pronsato was in town to play at my boyfriend’s party and I was lucky enough to interview him on air. Here is what I played:
Muzlimgauze – Cairopractor, Dome of the Rock Ant Zen, 2003
Coil – Babylero Horse Rotorvator, 2003
Coil – Where Even the Darkness is Something to See, Love’s Secret Domain, 1991
Coil – Theme from Blue, Unnatural History II, 1995
Coil – Neither His nor Yours, Unnatural History II, 1995
Brood – Brood XIII
Cristian Vogel – remixed by Herbert La Isla Piscola Herbert’s Harbour Dub, Novamute, 2001
Cristian Vogel – Sarcastically Tempered Powers, Busca Invisibles Tresor, 1999
Einzelkind – Spam Bot, Playhouse, 2007
Audion – A Noiser Noiser / Fred’s Bells (12″) Spectral Sound, 2007
Dethlab’s funny Mash Up Perrey & Kingsley Vs. Ambivalent unreleased mp3
Soylent Green – La Forza Destino (Radio Slave Remix), Playhouse 2007
Alex Smoke – Meany
[a]pendics Shuffle – Saw Saw Soup
Kate Simko – She Said She Said Spectral
Bruno Pronsato – Open Your Eyes
Bruno Pronsato – At Home I am a Tourist, Why Can’t We Be Like Us, 2008
Bruno Pronsato – Nobody Calls, Where Did You Learn To Kiss That Way, Hello? Repeat
Bruno Pronsato – Why Can’t We Be Like Us, Why Can’t We Be Like Us, 2008

Bob Dylan’s Theme Time Radio Hour Rocks!
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I finally heard Bob Dylan’s Radio show and I was not disappointed.
He picks a wide variety of vintage songs and his buttery voice is so pleasant to listen to.

Thanks to my stepdad Guy for helping me catch up on episodes.