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The Merry Cemetary might be a good place to rest.
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I was totally blown away when I saw pictures of the Merry Cemetery in Sapanta Romania.

I found some amazing images on flickr and more here.
Bridget Riley
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I was lucky enough to see Bridget Riley’s “Reconnaissance” exhibit which ran from September 21 2000 – June 17 2001, in the Dia Center for the Arts (New York City). Seeing her work had a huge impact on my own image making.

Riley with her work in 1964

Paean (1973) Acrylic on canvas

Fete (1999) Screenprint
Blaze 4 (1964)
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Release info and you can download the hypnotic wallpaper and screensaver here:
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My mom just got back in touch with an old friend of hers Elif Ayiter, who is a web artist working in Turkey. Of all of her amazing sites, this was my favorite one that she made: