window shopping!
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I had so much fun window shopping at the little touristy bazaar in Arambol with Jes.

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This year marks the twentieth anniversary of  my yoga practice.  It is a sacred gift I carry with me wherever I go.  My mother introduced me to the benefits of yoga when I was a senior in high school, and we would go together every week.  We loved the teachers at Jivamukti Yoga in the heart of the East Village, when it was still a small studio.

I was very excited to finally take a class in India, the true birthplace of yoga.  Sadly, Jes’ favorite teacher Vijay left town so it was not the class we were expecting.  Even an average yoga class is better than no practice at all, right? It is a total treat to do yoga outside on a rooftop with gorgeous views of coconut tress and crazy crows spiraling around the sky.  It made me forget about the hustle bustle of motorbikes and tourists and pushy shopkeepers downstairs.

I also rarely get to have a nice long class in New York, this one was over 2 hours!  Most of the deep stretching (my favorite part) happens in the last part of class, and this often left out because of time constraints.  It made me miss practicing with Dharma Mittra, whose 2 1/2 hour master classes helped me survive photo grad school.

After the long flight and the stress that comes before a long voyage it made my body and mind feel heavenly.   I never met a practicing yogi that complained about having trouble falling asleep at night. Somehow I managed to completely avoid getting jet lagged too!

The lovely view from the rooftop of the yoga studio.

The empty studio after class ended.

more from Arambol, India
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all this garbage makes me so sad…

Yummy Indian spiced scrambled eggs, I can’t to to try to make this for my husband, when I get home…

The view out my bedroom window, I switched to a larger room with a balcony for $2 more! :-)

Most of my clothes already looks like it was made in India! Ha!

Balcony reflections.

Pink on pink!  Someone left this Lonely Planet guide on the balcony.

Iron Horse Vineyards
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Next up on our tasting adventure was Iron Horse Vineyards.  We were craving some bubbly on an exceptionally warm sunny day. We tried the sparkling flight and each shared sips of their lovely wine. Thankfully, it was food truck Friday so we were able to much on some fresh bruschetta. The produce in California is exceptional too.

all photos by Seze Devres

Fremont Diner in Sonoma, CA
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early morning breakfast at the Fremont Diner

Dozzy is loving California

lavender on each table

french toast!

ricotta pancake

all photos by Seze Devres

Mutek 2012
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Heading to Montréal for Mutek every year is always very inspirational and fun! Here are some vacation snapshots.

Jeff Mills

Jeff Mills

Jeff Mills

St. James Church exterior

St. James Church interior

St. James Church interior

Old Fashioned Camera Shop


Alex Smoke

Public Lover

Public Lover

Alex Smoke & Bryan

Palais des congrès de Montréal

Palais des congrès de Montréal

I love the new steps at SAT, light peaks through the glass circles

Fresh dumplings being made in Chinatown!

After a decadent Syrian food meal with Peter Van Hoesen and friends