Rave Olympics – DEMF/Detroit
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I spent the two long weekends at electronic music festivals. The first was the Detroit Electronic Music Festival (DEMF) and the following week I went to Montreal for Mutek. The line ups at both were excellent and though it was really exhausting I had an amazing time. I can barely sum up the weekends in words or pictures.

Here is a list of my favorite performances, moments, and memories from Detroit in no particular order, even though Alex Smoke was my favorite performer:

  • Alex Smoke live
  • DBX -live (even though his secret gig at Bunker was better)
  • enjoying Derek Plaslaiko’s set with all my friends from NYC
  • meeting Egyptian Lover in my hotel elevator
    (their shirts were so totally insane, I am so mad at myself for not taking their photo)
  • hearing Heartthrob play live while laying on the grass outside
  • feeling like I was at a goth club (age 19) while listening to Kill Memory Crash play live
  • being blown away by Par Grindvik live
  • melting at the beauty of Scott Pagano’s gorgeous visuals during Speedy J’s live set
  • Mathias Kaden live
  • John Selway‘s 45 surprise minute fill in DJ set
  • The Accelerate After Party with Dan Bell, Zip and Sammy Dee
  • Hanging out with Bruno Pronsato making bad jokes
  • Dethlab’s amazing acid warehouse party:
    Too Far Gone… presented by Dethlab with Adult, Perspects, Dethlab, Cowboy Mark (tagteam DJ set), Motor (DJ set)
    No Way Back presented by Interdimensional Transmissions
    Derek Plaslaiko, Mike Servito, BMG of Ectomorph, Patrick Russell, Carlos Souffront
  • meeting G.O.D. at the acid party
  • Finally eating at Slow’s BBQ and not bing disappointed.
  • And it was a true highlight to finally not stay at a crappy hotel.

My friend Andy wrote an excellent article on his experiences at Detroit based on the music and architecture: http://www.avclub.com/content/blog/detroit_electronic_music_festival

Random photos (not a faithful documentation of the weekend) by Seze

Detroit patches pants dude.

Kate Simko performing an excellent set

We may be getting older but we are still having fun!

My super stylish buddies Bethany & Doyle of Dethlab hosted the best party
of the weekend “Too Far Gone… No Way Back” at their warehouse studio space.

Phases of the moon wall at Slows BBQ outdoor seating area

Faerie Folk Mix
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In honor of May Day, I made a Faerie Folk mix. Here is the tracklisting:

  • Akron/Family – I’ll Be On The Water
  • Angels Of Light – Sunflower’s Here To Stay
  • DANIELLE DAX – Here Come the Harvest Buns
  • The Rolling Stones – In Another Land
  • Dolly Parton – Love Is Like A Butterfly
  • KATE BUSH – Cloudbusting
  • LOCUST – Summer Rain
  • DAME DARCY – Honey Time
  • Cibelle – Dedans Le Lapin
  • Coco Rosie – By Your Side
  • Animal Collective – The Softest Voice
  • RASPUTINA – Sister Sleep

While searching for images of Fairies I found these gorgeous painting by Josephine Wall. Take a look at her site, her work is very intricate and lush. www.josephinewall.co.uk

My Lady Unicorn, by Josephine Wall

Heart and Soul, by Josephine Wall

Goodnight and Farewell, to the Creator of Awakened Dreamtime
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Seze Devres, sz03-1022b, 2003 from the Technicolor Series
Frida Kahlo, Patron Saint of Art Girls Worldwide
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I had a chance to see the gorgeous Frida Kahlo exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Seeing the exhibit made me want to watch the beautiful film Frida (2002) starring Salma Hayek again. The film is based on “Frida: A Biography of Frida Kahlo” by Hayden Herrera (who also helped to curate the Philadelphia exhibition). I read about two thirds of the book but I had to put it down because her life was just too painful to keep reading about. Seeing the exhibit was great, I had a chance to see some old friends (paintings that I have loved since my teenage years) and I started some new friendships (with some rare photographs and paintings that were included in the show)

Frida Kahlo, Self Portrait with Monkeys, 1943 is one of my favorites

Eye Candy
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Visual Inspiration Explosion!
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Jermey Earhart
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Jermey Earhart
Burn Out, and Fade Away , 2007
Hand-cut Plexiglas, acrylic, car paint, airbrush, black light
Goff + Rosenthal Gallery

Marc Bolan, poet of psychedelia, communicates with unicorns and beautiful women
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From My People Were Fair And Had Sky In Their Hair…(1968)

Saw a face in a conical of lace, it was a strange orchestra
Mannikin skin pounding on a bass-drum, strange orchestra

Lilliputian, evil in the eyes of the man with the leaf harp
He lusts for the urchin hiding under mountains of moleskin

A big cat like t-tyrannosaurus going to Lilliput
The ensemble make a tiny rumble, the celloist solos

The sky blackens and the bass string slackens and they stand statuesquely
Then they giggle and they wiggle through the door in the big dark oak tree


Chateau in Virginia Waters
From My People Were Fair And Had Sky In Their Hair…(1968)
Broken English words cracked the air like a bell
She had a chateau in Virginia Waters
Free from all those culture vultures
Her silver car a silver cloud cloaked the air in a shroud
Her pearly author’s teeth tore the seasoned cedar coloured pheasant
Her one rich wish is to write a book about
A venetian mother’s problems on a barge in little Venice

She peers at the portrait of her poetess grandmother
Who’s theatrical in character
Wise just like Socrates
She sinks her nails into the aged canvas
But the power from the wordster’s head was cool and shrill and frightening

Miss Drag is intermingled with the powder-blue chaise lounge
She types some acid words to her hairless havana art dealer

Her one rich wish is to write a book about a chateau in Virginia Waters
Free from all those culture vultures

Heroin is lame.
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I can’t understand why anyone still thinks that this drug is cool. I got the memo that this drug was one to stay away from before I even was a teenager. I remember walking around the east village in the late 80s and early 90s, when people were openly shooting up on the sidewalk. Honestly I don’t see the appeal. It was ruined so many lives and killed so many beautiful and talented people (like my good friend Pandora). Maybe more people need to watch some of these movies again, fast forward to the horrific scenes to get the point assholes.

Here are some of my favorite Films about Drug Addiction:

Requiem For A Dream

Drugstore Cowboy

Sid and Nancy

Easy Rider

Naked Lunch


Basketball Diaries